Dover, DE
07/31/2020 02:23 PM

The MPO created an FY2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that was approved by the MPO Council on May 1, 2019, with the anticipation that 1) it would be a two-year TIP per the DelDOT change in Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) publication policies and 2) any significant changes in the TIP projects, as defined in the STIP Modification procedures of January 2011, would be amended into the document.  There were substantial changes in the projects identified in the second year of the TIP.
The Projects with significant changes that require the amendment process are: 
From DelDOT:

  • Rt 13 Walnut Shade Road to Lochmeath Way:  The budget was doubled from the previous CTP, and it was well over the minimum change.
  • The 2 Camden Bypass projects, named initially North and South, was renamed to East/West w/ new elements, limits, and budgets.  Not really a change in projects but recategorization of projects.
  • The Crawford Carroll Road project was suspended as DSU continued to use the involved and adjacent properties for instruction
  • The Duck Creek Road project was added
  • The N. Main St. Smyrna project was added
  • The Peach Tree Run (all) project was added, from Voshell Mill Road to Irish Hill Road

From DTC:

  • The Dover Facility Renovation Budget was substantially increased
  • (2) 30’ buses were added
  • (7) 29’ LF buses were added
The MPO is required to amend the FY2020-2023 and add the FY2021-2024 projects to align with the DelDOT CTP.  The changes in the project names and limits require the amendment to also clarify the changes in the TIP documents.  The MPO will amend the TIP for presentation at the next round of committee meetings leading to Council consideration for adoption on September 2, 2020.

The Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization is a Federally mandated not-for-profit that works with local, state and federal governments along with local transportation organizations to ensure that transportation planning and projects are done in compliance with Federal mandates to include the Federal Clean Air Act and the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST).
For more information on the Dover/Kent County MPO, please visit or call Helen Wiles at 302-387-6026.
Helen Wiles, Public Outreach Manager
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