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Ms. Betty Vane

Mr. Ronald Vascik

Ms. Elizabeth Vasilikos

Mr. Alex Vaughan

Mrs. Nancy Vaughan

MGeneral Frank Vavala

Mr. Pablo Velazquez
Dover Branch Manager
Fax: 302-735-2089

Mr. Bill Vendetti

Dina Vendetti
Director of Marketing & Communications

Talk to me about...  what's happening!... at the Chamber, in the community, and where to go to be in the know..

My favorite quote is...  "Don't worry that the world will end today - it's already tomorrow in Australia!" - Charles Schultz

If I could live in any sitcom it would be... "Cheers"

If I had one extra hour of free time a day, I would...  pick something from my garden, go to my kitchen, and cook something delicious!

In one word I am...  Italian!

Working at the CDCC, I've learned...  even more reasons why I love my hometown!!!

435 N. DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
Fax: 302-678-0189

Ms. Denise Vendrick
Marketing Director
Fax: 302-674-0910

Mr. Dominick Venezia

Ms. Karen Vicks

Ms. Jane C.W. Vincent
President/Station Manager

Ms. Megan Voitsberger
Fax: 302-736-0132

Ms. Elizabeth Wade
Fax: 302-674-0910

Ms. Charlene Wager
Fax: 302-674-0860

Karlett Walker

Mr. Stephen Walker
Fax: 302-744-8789

Ms. Michelle Wall
Community Relations Manager
Fax: 215-654-9846

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